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Welcome to solar panels information. Energy shortages, environmental concerns and rising energy costs have created a renewed interest in solar energy and solar panels.  Every day more and more people begin their search for alternative energy sources.

Solar electric power systems are the future of alternative electricity production.  The current way we generate electricity, using fossil fuels as an energy source, is not a viable option for the future.  We must move away from fossil fuels to alternative power sources such as wind and solar power.

Thousands of families have turned to a home solar panels system in an effort to control their future electric supply and cost.  In doing so they are also benefiting the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.

Each of these families started just as you are,  searching for solar panels information and facts in an attempt to decide whether or not solar is a viable alternative for their situation.  Before you  decide if solar power is worth it for you,  gather as much information as you can.

Solar panels information is a resource for you to learn more about solar power.  The topics and subjects covered will give you a basic education in solar energy and hopefully encourage you to find ways to use solar in your life.

Use the solar panels information site to explore:

  • What is solar energy?
  • How solar panels work.
  • What are solar panels?
  • Solar energy pros and cons.
  • Solar panel facts.
  • Solar energy for home.

In addition to the major subjects listed above, we will explore other topics related to solar energy.

Did you know that the earth’s energy needs for an entire year can be met by the amount of solar radiation that hits the earth’s surface in one day? Imagine the impact upon the world’s economy of widespread solar power installations.

Did you know that  solar panels cost has been steadily falling due to increased manufacturing efficiencies? Solar panel manufacturing is a highly competitive business which is experiencing huge growth.  This competition combined with an increased demand for solar power systems will continue this downward price trend.

One of the largest impediments to families installing solar power systems is the high cost of the initial system installation.  Depending upon the configuration of the system costs can be as high as $35,000.  However, the federal government and many of the state governments have tax rebates and incentives in place to encourage solar energy installations.  In addition, many utility companies offer purchasing and financing help to the home owner willing to install solar electric systems.  Combining tax and financing incentives can greatly reduce the cost of a new solar energy system.

Are you handy with you hands?  The high cost of installed solar energy has spawned a solar energy niche devoted to do it yourself solar panel construction and installation.  Proponents of diy solar claim that you can save upwards of 80% by making your own solar panels.  If you go this route be sure you obtain quality instruction and use the best quality materials.  Installing solar power requires specialized electrical knowledge; if you are not qualified to do electrical installation  hire a professional.

Solar power electric is tomorrow’s efficient energy source available to you today.  Use solar panels information as your starting point for a greener future.


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